Steps To Success

Steps To Success

Do You Want?

  • Do you want to be your (own) Boss?
  • Is success – and, financial freedom vital to You?
  • Are family members needing greater Opportunities?

Or — if you have already experienced a few years in Business for yourself, maybe, these are the questions for YOU.

  • Do you want greater Success and Profit?
  • Is money a constant topic of thought and Discussion?
  • Can your relationships benefit from dynamic Communication?

If you answered, “Yes!” to any of the questions, then push forward in your discovery.

Better Business Plan

Better Business Plan

Guidance through the narrative and example of a Case Study. Then, you’ll receive assistance in the preparation of your Better Business Plan, which will guide YOU to your chosen level of Success.

Price $495

This plan begins with YOU — what you need and want for your Family. Contrary to popular opinion and what is taught in College and University, the first number to consider for a Business Plan is NOT sales to Customers. Because, the question begging to be asked is, “How many Sales to Customers?”

The first number you choose for your Better Business Plan is the amount of reward for the blood, sweat, and tears invested by YOU. From there, we consider removing the Banker as your partner and plan on being good Citizens by paying our fair share in Taxes. Naturally, we take care of all our Vendors and — more importantly — our Employees.

Now, we know the exact volume of Sales required from our Customers. We can establish our Pricing appropriately. This definitive Goal is a target to which we can aim — because we have diligently accounted for the resources of Time and Money required to achieve Success. Let the Fun begin!

Intro to Accounting Technology

Conversations to identify wasted resources of Time and Money. From a solid Accounting platform, many Apps are available to simplify and streamline the capturing of digital Data.

Price $2,500

By using tools of Technology, the accounting processes almost take care of themselves. With proper Controls and Authorizations in place at the Transaction level, we simply “catch” the digital results flowing from the Financial Institutions.

If you’re spending more than two hours a week on Accounting for the Success of your Business, you’re wasting the most precious resource of all: Time. There is a Better Way — and, this Investment will generate a return of at least three times the Price.

Six-Month Coaching Program

A hands-on Journey to excellence in achieving new goals. Far beyond traditional Processes, this course will challenge you to focus on People. What they want is the secret to your Success.

Price $15,000

Designed to enlighten, empower, and encourage YOU to achieve your version of Success. The program is a structured, intense, and personal Journey designed to move YOU forward at the Speed of Belief.

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Together, we’ll review the merit of your ideas and begin to design the future with a Better Business Plan — to benefit YOU and your Family.

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Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it.
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