People Over Process

People Over Process

Do you want to be a star? Someone who is a sparkling speck of celebrity?

Someone who can tip off the stage and be swept around the arena on the hands of raving fans?

Here’s the secret — always, keep People Over Process.

Think about it. Process is designed for efficiency. People are created for growth. As soon as an individual grows, the process no longer fits the occasion. The rules must change to reflect the new person.

POP ~ People Over Process

POP — how many definitions come to mind? A father figure is a POP. There’s snap, crackle, and POP. Maybe it’s the sound at the beginning of a race. Or, it might be the crack of a whip. Sweet to the taste is a soda. Pick your favorite — to always remember — People Over Process.

How do we build relationships with People? Let’s use just a little bit of Process to break down the word and discover the steps up to the stage of becoming a bonafide PEOPLE star.


Be present. When given the opportunity of another person, be with them 100%.


One of the Three E’s — Think light, be bright, lead the way, and exude warmth.


Be vulnerable. Put a little skin in the game and get prepared to be bruised.


Offer the best in a sacrifice of time and resources for the benefit of others.


Stories are the channels to deeply connect and experience the flow of a soul.


The talk and walk are less important than the music and dance. Feel it!

Our Performance Stage

Now, the final question, “Do we need a stage on which to perform?”

Yes, and No.

No — in the sense that we hone our gift in the garages and basements of life. We work diligently with a select few, out of sight, and out of mind — until our talent is ready for presentation to the whole wide world.

Yes — in the sense that we must be visible to offer our best to the most. We climb high to project our voices to many. Guaranteed, by choice or fate, each of us will eventually fall off the stage on which we have chosen to perform.

And when we do, we will know whether we have kept People over Process.

There will be the POP of a body hitting the ground — or the POP of fingers keeping time to the chorus of voices from adoring fans, as we are carried in loving arms to a place of safety.