Build Something — Special

Build Something Special

This is more than another B.S. musing.

A dynamic future is yours – if you will accept my encouragement to Build Something Special (B.S.S.).

Let’s begin with that extra “S” — the Special one. Yes, that’s YOU. You are one-of-a-kind, broke-the-mold, and a special creation with a unique set of gifts. You are of great value and have much to offer others. The world is anxiously waiting for you to Build Something Special — for our mutual benefit.

You’ve heard the expression: Preparation plus Opportunity equals Success.

This is, even, more powerful: Preparation is guaranteed to produce Opportunities resulting in Success.

Within Our Control

There is absolutely no need to wait around for an opportunity. The gentle nudge to Build Something Special is really an encouragement for us to focus on what is within our individual control. Answer the Why, How, and What of YOU. And, the world is your oyster.

Why do you exist?

How can you make a difference in the lives of others?

What is the very best way to deliver your value to the world?

By thinking about the Value inherent in YOU, a choice manifests for you to become a Master Craftsman and Build Something Special.

Steps To Success

Lift your dominant hand up and forward. Carefully, look at the thumb and fingers. Those five digits are the number of steps necessary to Build Something Special. There is a matched set of tools on your other hand. That, my friends, is the extent to which we are in control. Plenty to keep us busy, though. Let’s begin.

Step 1 ~ Establish a Fair Price

A fair price is one which is good for You — and your Customer. The question begging to be answered is, “Price of what?!” Glad you asked because the question provides the opportunity for YOU to answer it. The secret to finding your way out of this Riddle is to answer the Why, How, and What questions, above.

Define your passion for life and the Why will be obvious. Inventory your abilities and the How becomes evident. Then, you will know exactly What you need to do to Build Something Special. You will fully understand whether you will be offering a Service — or a Product — to the marketplace.

YOU have the responsibility to establish a Fair Price for your offering. As long as the Customer perceives Value greater than Price, they will believe the price is fair. Naturally, the Customer’s perception can be enhanced by offering Value many times greater than Price — which, is also mutually beneficial in achieving a Fair Price for You.

In the simplest of definitions, a Fair Price for YOU is one which enables You to provide for your Family.

For a complete narrative and solution to fair pricing, see the detailed examples in the articles Price We Pay and Better Business Plan.

Step 2 ~ Ask for Acceptance

Unless the Customer wants what is being offered, the price is irrelevant. We all want what we don’t have. Therefore, the secret to acceptance is to provide options which satisfy what the Customer wants. The only way to know that is to carefully listen. Yes, listen with care to discover what is of Value to the Customer.

By beginning with the end in mind, we can negotiate mutually acceptable terms and expectations. Simply, Who is going to do What by When.

Step 3 ~ Plan the Work

An old Proverb best communicates this powerful principle: Do your planning and prepare your fields before building your house. In other words, every successful venture requires planning — and bountiful harvests are necessary for nurturing our families.

The purpose of Blueprints is to Build Something Special on paper, first. By doing so, we consider the required resources of Time and Money. The best use of resources is to proceed from Start to Finish — without interruption.

Step 4 ~ Deliver on Promises

This is the time for action. Because: we have a quality offering; the Customer has a want in need of fulfillment; terms have been agreed upon; and resources are allocated. Preparation has generated Opportunity. Get-er-done is our mantra as we push forward to Success.

Step 5 ~ Enjoy the Celebration

As with any party, Ribbons and Bows showcase the gifts. You have exceeded the Customer’s expectations. They are all kinds of excited. It’s appropriate to celebrate with them. Do a walk-around and allow them to express their appreciation for spectacular Results. Listen for the Opportunity to provide even more to them in the Future. Accept their willingness to Pay in full for Value beyond Price.

In Summary

Experienced builders know the secret to success is to Begin — and Begin Again. Five digits at the end of a strong arm. Five steps to Build Something Special.

The sweetest surprise for YOU: Discovery of the passion for the Why of your existence; an understanding of How to touch lives; and the What of your gifts.

Preparation has created Opportunity and Success.

You did it once.

You can do it again.