Mission and Vision

Mission Vision Purpose

My mission is to guide YOU to personal and business success,
according to the vision that YOU establish for us.

I help those who come from humble beginnings and want more. I give them hope and assurance that it is possible to start with only a dream and build something special — for themselves and their Family.

All we do begins with a thought. Deep down in the passion of your soul, you have a vision of heaven on earth — for YOU and those in your sphere of influence.

If you are an Entrepreneur worried about your odds of success, I can stack the odds in your favor. Or, if you’ve been in business for a few years and feel like a hamster on a wheel, I can get your feet on a solid foundation.

In times of doubt, you might have this thought cross your mind more than once a day, “Is this investment of blood, sweat, and tears really worth it?”


Yes, it’s worth IT. If you define “it” as I do — the opportunity to provide well for your Family, success according to your terms, and financial freedom to the extent you desire. Then, YES, it is worth your effort to change your thinking and actions.

Change nothing — Nothing changes.

There is a better way.

My mission is to guide YOU to personal and business success,
according to the vision that YOU establish for us.

We will use the Three-E Formula of Enlighten, Empower, and Encourage.

Three-E Formula

Enlighten ~ Individually, our worldview is limited by our education, experiences, and resources. My role as A Business Coach is to broaden your horizons with Stories that shine a light on the path you have chosen. So, you can act on your new aspirations.

Empower ~ Beyond the sage talk, I will provide opportunities for you to learn by accomplishment. Teaching is an honorable profession. I will make sure the right tools are in your hands. You will be given the knowledge, understanding, and wisdom to use them properly.

Encourage ~ The 5-Step Teaching Model can be described as Explanation, Demonstration, Imitation, Correction, and Repetition. With every step toward success, you will be tempted to quit. Until you run me out of your Life, I will continue to ask that you believe in YOU — the I AM.


Success is not going to magically waltz into our lives. It is not a destination, at which to arrive. Although a measurement device, money is not the answer, either.

Daily, we must create success — the unique version each of us has determined to be right — for the benefit of ourselves and the rest of the world.

Price Guarantee

There is a Price we pay for everything.

With the resources of Time and Money, we are either Spending or Investing. Since I believe in applying resources and allocating priorities wisely, we will be investing in Building Your Dynamic Future.

Double Your Money

• I will deliver Results to exceed your Expectations by a factor of 3 or more.
• You have a money-back Guarantee that Rewards will exceed any Risk.
• I will provide Value far beyond (x 3+) whatever Price you decide upon.
• You choose the Price, clearly define Objectives, and set Expectations.
• I will choose the Time during which we will work Together.

Give a dollar to me and I will make sure three dollars come to you. Three minus one equals two. Now, you have two dollars instead of one.

And, with my Guarantee of value, if you’re not happy, I’ll give the original dollar back to you. Where else can you double your money — guaranteed?!

(Sample Agreements for Services: Consulting and Tax Planning)

Your Choice

You can stay stuck in a rut (grave with the ends kicked out) — or, You can change your thoughts and actions.

Change is hard work. If you want an accountability partner (A Business Coach), I know just the guy for YOU!

My mission is to guide YOU to personal and business success,
according to the vision that YOU establish for us.