Testimonials of Success

Success Stories


“Kim has been an inspiration for me for many years in financial matters. He has mentored and guided me in areas of business practices that have helped me make the right decisions. Kim is always one that wants to try and go the extra step in trying to make business easily understandable and knows different techniques to help make it simple to understand. He is not just an accountant, he is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to guiding me in business and money decisions. The last best thing I can say about Kim is he is always open to ideas and listens to what I have to say. He is the professional I turn to when a major decision has to be made. I am thankful that he is a part of my business life.”

Help Us Start Our Company

“My husband and I started our own company this year. We had the intention of running it ourselves, but as I was getting started on the “paperwork” side of the business, I was quickly overwhelmed. Not only did Kim help me set up QuickBooks for invoicing, purchasing, and tracking expenses, but he also taught me an unimaginable amount of tax detail. His help has gotten our business to a point where we can effectively operate. We have done all of this while I have been able to stay at home with my two young sons and learn via remote connection… priceless.”

Financial Advisor

“I am a young man who has decided to come back to my hometown to manage and run our family ranch. I worked as a counselor for the last 4 years and was very content with my life and career. As life happens, due to circumstances I was brought back to my childhood roots and knew that my family needed me. I was not keen to the idea at first, but then I was introduced to our family’s accountant – and, he helped me look at the country life in a whole different way.

Since I have known Kim for the last four years he has helped me and my family rebuild our financial status. We have purchased more efficient machinery, doubled our commercial Angus line of beef, and in the works is a pivot sprinkler system. I remember when I meet Kim he told me “You Dream it I will help bring your dream to reality.” He has been so helpful in every aspect a person could imagine, very knowledgeable, very dependable and you can access him anytime. Kim has helped me grow into a business orientated person. He has the tools if you have the ambition and drive. Thanks, Kim..”

True Professional

“I asked Kim to look into our company and give a black and white review of where we were and the outlook of where we wanted to go. Kim has given us a powerful and expert professional outlook on where we are and the possibilities of where we can go. He has been so amazing with his abilities with QuickBooks and giving us the tools to manage and grow our true potential in our abilities and gifts that God has given us! A true professional in his dedication to bringing out the best in an individual by using his skills and education in his profession! We are so happy with his insight outlook on our lives today. I would highly recommend Kim for his abilities and his caring for who you are! Kim is a True Cowboy with True Cowboy Values!”

Tax & QuickBooks Advisor

“I have known and had a business relationship with Kim for over 30 years, you could say we grew up in the business world together. I have appreciated his professionalism and friendship thru the years. He is always there to help you when you are having a problem. I can’t imagine anyone else doing my tax work or being my accountant.”

The Best

“We own a cattle ranch and became clients of Kim’s when he first started his practice. When he moved his business out of our hometown, we decided to stay “local” and switched accountants…BIG mistake! It didn’t take us long to decide we would drive a few extra miles and deal with the best. Now with Kim’s help using QuickBooks Online, it is easy to share the information needed so that we are all on the same page when making financial decisions. We have never regretted our decision to put things back into Kim’s capable hands…and the bonus is he is a really NICE guy on top of it!”

Great Teacher

“Kim is very knowledgeable, helpful, and very supportive when it comes to his business and clients. You can always call him if you have any questions and he will answer them and step you through it in a timely manner. Before working with Kim I never really had any experience with QuickBooks, and he has been a great teacher, patient, and helpful to me. He always makes you feel very confident in yourself and your job – and compliments on how well you are doing.”

Excellent Service

“Kim is always available for any questions or online help that I might need. His expertise is outstanding there has never been a question he could not answer, We also trust him that’s not easy to say about a lot of accountants. He provides excellent service to us. We are very pleased with him and would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a great accountant.”

Extremely Knowledgeable

“Kim does a great job explaining the accounting theory and how to use it through QuickBooks. He is extremely knowledgeable and can explain it in layman’s terms so we can understand and apply his knowledge to help us! QuickBooks can do so much more than just books!! Wonderful tool and a great teacher”

Remote Access Technology

“We have been clients of Kim’s for over 20 years. During those years our business has changed directions and grown. Kim has helped us every step of the way with his accounting expertise. One of the changes we have made is to use QuickBooks. Kim dedicated a lot of his time to get us started on a solid foundation with QuickBooks which made the transition very smooth. We live out of town so QuickBooks remote access with Kim is a time saver. It is simply amazing! It is like he is in the office with you. Kim is always on top of things when it comes to technology. He takes accounting extremely serious and loves what he does and it truly shows it the quality of his work he provides for his clients.”

Remote Support

“Kim is very knowledgeable, helpful and supportive. Whenever I call with questions, he either answers them immediately or sets up an appointment for remote support. He is a very patient teacher and has taken us from being computer illiterate clients to feel much more confident in our daily work and working online with him.”


“Excellent!! I understand more about the features and power QuickBooks can and will provide for my business. Kim did a great job explaining and helping me understand more to benefit me and the abilities in the program”


“Kim has always been very helpful in all aspects of my business and knows the answer to my questions everytime. I’ve dealt with Kim for many years and would highly recommend his services.”

Good Teacher

“Kim is a good teacher as well as a good person. I look forward to our yearly meetings to review the current fiscal year and set goals for the next one. I have learned much about managing the financial end of our business through QB with Kim’s patient and persistent guidance. He combines professionalism with true excitement in watching a business grow. This positive attitude is infectious. Thank you, Kim!”

Coach & Mentor

“Kim has been my family’s accountant since he began his practice. He has helped my dad and uncle through estate planning as well as tax preparation. Kim helps me a third-generation wheat farmer with tax preparation, objective financial advice and the successful coaching of QuickBooks. I can’t thank Kim enough for the help he has provided.”

Superior Guidance

“Our business experience with our accountant started in 1981. The third generation is now a part of our organization and Kim is pleased to be able to teach and coach us. Because of Kim’s superior guidance we were able to computerize and use QuickBooks in our business. Through his mentoring on QuickBooks we have become much more streamlined and efficient, especially with the process in payroll. Kim has been our accountant since he first opened his door in our city. He is our guide and has coached, listened and trained us on the computer. We are sure that Kim could help guide and educate any new clients and forge a great working relationship with them.”

Attentive Extra Effort

“Five blue stars. Our ProAdvisor knows the history of our company and cares about where we are headed. I am impressed with the attentiveness that our ProAdvisor exhibits in regards to our account with him. I am pleased with the fact that he is willing to offer and deliver the extra effort to help us achieve our business goals. Our company appreciates the hard work of our ProAdvisor. Thank You.”

Quickbooks Tutoring

“I have known Kim for over 30 years and he has prepared my taxes for more years than I care to think about. Kim is so very thorough in making sure I understand QuickBooks and to take full advantage of what it has to offer. If I have a question, he is very quick to respond, which is invaluable in any business.”

Makes House Calls!!!

“Kim is so sharp with the figures! Regardless of what I ask him to look at, he is so quick to see the issue and then provides the solution. For fourteen years now, I have enjoyed the quick-wit, fairness, responsiveness, value, and most of all, the humor of our time together!”

Beyond Wizardry

“QuickBooks Remote Support is awesome. With Kim’s help, the company I work for can know the “how” and the “what” we can do, throughout the year, to reach our goals as a business. Kim is the “wizard” of QuickBooks. His knowledge of the accounting field is beyond “wizardry.”

A Coach

“We’ve been a client and friends of Kim’s for over 20 years now. He has been a cornerstone in building our business. His knowledge in creating a strong financial foundation is endless. To start, Kim has provided us with the insight of how QuickBooks can and has helped us grow our business from year to year. His professional and friendly guidance has shown us how this tool can and does save us time in keeping our business running smoothly.

By using QuickBooks and having a coach like Kim, we have been able to access and navigate throughout all aspects of our business with ease. No more long hours of payroll, billing and tracking customers, writing checks and record keeping. QuickBooks can and does that for you. I’ve been stuck more than a few times, and Kim has been right there to advise on how to proceed.

When it comes to accounting and tax laws, he’s perfection. To reach him, with hands-on guidance and the internet, he has opened us up to remote access also. It’s as if he is right there in your office with you. Kim’s winning attitude and the ability to help others achieve financial success is infectious.

He makes it his business to be on top of the game, from keeping up with the latest technology, accounting tools, to tax laws. He is one that won’t be left behind, and he makes sure you aren’t either. Kim is a top notch professional that makes you feel at ease. He’s an investment that keeps paying dividends.”

Exceptional Instructor

“Because Kim truly enjoys his profession and has an in-depth knowledge of QuickBooks, tax, and computers, he has been an exceptional instructor for a QuickBooks project that I have been involved with. Working with Kim has given me insight on how to more easily access files and move around in the program. The time invested has most definitely been well spent. Kim shows a unique caring and concern for those he works with, not only for their financials and businesses but also for their personal goals and well being. Kim is very patient and kind and never concludes a session without asking if there are questions or anything further that he can help with or explain.”

Simplifies The Complex

“Kim is always available by email or phone for those of us with lots of questions. He listens wholeheartedly to your goals, family situation, and business needs. Kim’s unique ability to simplify the most complex parts of QuickBooks got us off and running even faster than I could have imagined! I hate being organized and taking the time to keep things accessible, but the way Kim set us up it was so easy I couldn’t help but keep things together. Our business grew beyond what anyone could have imagined in the first year and I know in my heart that without Kim’s guidance we would have been buried in paperwork and unable to concentrate on the work. In the mountaintops and valleys of a business, Kim offers sound advice and training.”

Great Instructor

“I have to give Kim Foard a 5-star rating. He has been very instrumental in helping get our family owned business up and running with QuickBooks after 45 years of doing the bookwork by hand. If a problem arises, he is a phone call or email away. He’s been a great instructor and tutor with his knowledge of computers and business programs. Kim has also been a great advisor in letting us know what might be best to enhance our business to make it better.”

Patient & Cheerful Instructor

“Mr. Foard has been our principal financial advisor for 27 years. He set up and provides oversight of our business accounting systems. He is our principal advisor for all tax, accounting, and estate planning matters. Kim has always been an early adaptor and often innovator of IT applications for accounting. He has a remarkably in-depth knowledge of QuickBooks software. Our business is located in Montana but we reside in another state. Using the internet and advanced features of QuickBooks, Kim is able to manage our accounting systems in the smallest detail on a daily basis if needed.

Perhaps most valuable to us is Kim’s ability to explain and teach complex accounting process and the functions of QuickBooks. He is a patient cheerful instructor who never tires of helping clients get more from their accounting systems. Accounting and tax matters are not generally the things that create excitement. But Kim’s enthusiasm for the subjects and his dedication to the accounting profession, make time spent with him very, very valuable.”

Delivers Excellence

“Mr. Foard’s thorough knowledge of tax and business issues has been a huge help in running our agricultural business. His QuickBooks expertise applied to our business has eased our payroll, reporting and planning headaches tremendously. We wholly recommend his services to anyone who wants to add a true and valuable advisor to their business, and every business needs that! Furthermore, Mr. Foard’s calm, patient demeanor makes asking any question easy. His prompt return communication is also greatly appreciated. In short, Mr. Foard not only speaks of excellence, he delivers it.”

Professional & Patient

“Kim was very professional and patient in setting up our program. He taught me shortcuts to make things as simple and fast as possible. Any problems I had, he was prompt in answering them and then taught me how to accomplish it for later. Kim was definitely a “ProAdvisor” for me. I am much more capable of keeping our QuickBooks accounts up to date and less of a mess.”

Source: Intuit — Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor