The Want To

Attitude of ServiceThe foundation for success is an attitude of service to others.

Offer to fulfill a need, satisfy a desire, or fix a problem and a relationship is possible. This initial effort to give value begins the forward momentum for acceptance to be received.

The sphere of benefit and influence will grow relative to the effectiveness of our communication. Crystal clear transmissions, static free receptions, and a dedicated channel of feedback produce a synergy of unlimited potential.

Knowledge, understanding, and wisdom are required as prerequisites to valuable exchanges. We learn, grow, and dream by focusing on Facts of the Past, Choices in the Present, and Vision for the Future.

Our purpose in life is discovered by acknowledging a power greater than ourselves. Delivery of value is possible by being a conduit for timeless and priceless gifts.

The greatest gift is a chosen, purposeful effort — often done in the face of fear — to nurture our own growth and the growth of others.