Relationship Cookies In Before Taking Cookies Out

Relationship Cookies In Before Cookies Out

In our daily endeavors, do we put relationship cookies in the jar before expecting to take cookies out? In other words, what do we give before taking? Do we think in terms of finance to realize, we must be able and willing to make an investment before we can receive the dividends?

This is much more than the Quid Pro Quo of, “I’ll do something nice for you, so you’ll do something nice for me.” What I’m talkin’ about is, “I’ll give my best to each encounter with another person, expecting nothing in return.”

Karma is 100% accurate in delivering to each of us exactly what we’ve earned.

Those who contribute little to society and never put a cookie in the Universal jar will receive little in return. Those who go all in to give their best and dump cookies in the laps of everyone will receive abundant rewards.

Better To Give Than Receive

In the realm of technology, a cookie is defined as, “a short line of text that a web site puts on your computer’s hard drive when you access the web site.”

When you see cookie in the context of computers, it means a bit of data that’s sent from a website to your browser. This type of cookie helps your computer remember passwords and web pages it’s visited.

In other words, action is involved in the process. Similar to the effort that is required to bake cookies (biscuits), computers via software channels are delivering chunks of information to enhance the user experience.

When we choose to give, we are also creating new memories — for ourselves and the beneficiaries of our gifts. These exchanges help us remember to always communicate with our Butler’s voice, in our Servant apron, and from our True heart, while grounded in gentle strength.

A Storybook Example

As a child, one of my favorite stories was the one about the Little Red Hen. For some reason, I was intrigued by how a request for help could be denied by others in the community of the barnyard.

Many years later, I came to understand how anyone pursuing Success can make false friends and true enemies. Since that Universal Principle is table stakes in the game of life, let’s look at the lessons taught by the Little Red Hen.

What the lazy dog, sleepy cat, and noisy yellow duck stepped over unaware, the Little Red Hen noticed as seeds of opportunity. Because she was a true friend to the dog, cat, and noise making duck, the Little Red Hen offered to share her good fortune with them.

What the Little Red Hen received in return was noise from all three. The dog barked, the cat purred, and the duck continued to quack. In other words, talk is cheap. To produce anything of value, action is required.

Although, before acting, the Little Red Hen invested thought into her Future. She probably asked herself, “What is the best use of these seeds of grain?” As she came to the answer, she drafted a Better Business Plan.

From the many options available, the Little Red Hen chose one.

Surely, the seeds of grain scattered on the ground looked like chicken feed to the Little Red Hen. Right then and there, she could have enjoyed breakfast, and gone on about her day.

Yet, she chose to turn kernels of grain into bushels of harvest: One To Many. She adopted the Farmer Philosophy and planted the seeds. Before doing so, she asked her community of Dog, Cat, and Quackers if they wanted to help.

Nope — they were happy being lazy, a fur ball, and noisy. So, the Little Red Hen moved forward without them. She planted, tended, harvested, milled, and baked her way into the fond memories of many enthralled Children.

From one small opportunity many important lessons can be learned.

Can you imagine the static on the line of disrespect from the Dog, Cat, and Quackers?

Who do you think you are?! You’re a CHICKEN for Pete’s sake! No one even knows why you crossed the road. And now, you’re taking on the role and responsibilities of Old McDonald?!

If you’ve grown up around chickens, you can also imagine that glassy-eyed blink and tip of her head to acknowledge their opinions. And then, the Little Red Hen went on about her business.

The Business of Giving

Prime The Pump With Relationship Cookies
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In the olden days, before “running water” from indoor fixtures, water for the Home was obtained from the hand-pump outside. Next to the pump was a bucket of water with a dipper. Thirst could be quenched immediately; yet the larger purpose of the bucket and dipper was to prime the pump.

Pump Priming is the process of removing air from the pump and suction line. In this process the pump is filled with the liquid being pumped, and this liquid forces all the air, gas, or vapor contained in the passageways of the pump to escape out.

The Process Piping

From the source above, I had to chuckle when reading, “Priming reduces the risk of pump damage during start-up, as it prevents the pump impeller from becoming gas-bound and thus incapable of pumping the desired liquid.”

How many times do we become “gas-bound” and full of hot air and vapor?!

For reliable operation, pumps must first be primed; that is, air or gases to be expelled from the suction and impeller eye area and replaced with liquid to be pumped. The pump would not function properly when not completely filled with liquid. Along with compromised performance, not priming the pump and allowed to run without fluid, it will overheat the pump system and there will be a danger of damage to critical internal pump components.

And there we have it, my Friends: to give, we must have something to give. The hot-air and noxious-gases must be forced from our systems before we can be of value to ourselves and those in our sphere of influence.

Conduits of Goodness

You know — conduit: a hollow tube for the transference and protection of something valuable.

Those without a connection to the source of goodness and void of a desire to share are simply an empty tube. In other words, they have no purpose and worthless boundaries. Tap on them and they ring hollow. Squeeze them and they collapse into a wrinkled mess.

Yet, imagine conduit connected to streams of living waters, which are bubbling, high-pressured, and dynamic at the source. At the destination are beneficiaries eagerly waiting to be served.

Universal Law of Cause and Effect

Relationship Cookies of A Servant
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All we do begins with a thought. Those thoughts produce actions, which leave a wake or ripples, of either goodness or chaos behind us. According to the cosmic law of cause and effect, there is an equal and opposite reaction for every action.

Yes, I know — it is counterintuitive. To receive we must first give. Give love away and, guaranteed, LOVE will find YOU. The same is true for money; the generous prosper, while the stingy become poorer.

Once you set off movement or behavior into the world, it will have a continuing ripple and it will keep travelling and having a knock-on effect way beyond your awareness and beyond your understanding of such a thing.

All output or actions have consequences, and these consequences are either good or bad and may cause positive or negative influence or effect on yourself or others, hence the saying we reap what we sow.

You as the being that generated or sent out the action into the universe will receive its consequences or its effect in one form or another, and you will never be able to escape the effect of your actions in time.

It is the intention behind the action that matters, otherwise known as Karma.

Open College

For anyone to have read to this point, I know there are no whiners among us. So, for our encouragement and for when we bump into the complainers, there is this proverb, “Things today are about like they’ve always been.”

Yet, every now and then, a person harnesses the complex and tames it into a simple notion. Earl Nightingale was one of those individuals.

Put The Wood In, Before Expecting Heat

For those of us who like to read along with the audio, here is the Transcript. The audio above begins 28-minutes into the recording, which is Page 37 in the transcript PDF.

Relationship Cookies In And Out

Let’s do as Earl says, “We’ve got to put the fuel in before we can expect heat.” Or in simpler terms, “Be of service, build, work, dream, and create.”

All We Do Begins With A Thought

Generally, the beneficiaries of our efforts will NOT be the ones providing the rewards, because oftentimes they have a want or need only we can fulfill. By giving to them, they have the opportunity to grow and pay it forward.

Yet, our success will always be measured by the quality and quantity of service we render. There are no exceptions to this Law of the Harvest.

For those thieves who come in darkness to steal and plunder, we have every right to defend our Pearls from the Pigs. Just because we are generous to give, others do NOT have the license to take from us.

Those who never put a biscuit in the Universal Cookie Jar will receive little in return. Those who go all in to always give their best and dump cookies in the laps of everyone will receive abundant rewards from the Realm above. Guaranteed!

Author: Kim Foard

My mission is to guide YOU to personal and business success, according to the vision that YOU establish for us. Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.