Dynamic Carousel

Dynamic Carousel Effect

Life is like a carousel — it only goes in one direction: Forward. There’s no going back to undo, redo, or otherwise change anything in the Past.

And, on that Carousel, we have a choice: Sit on the benches near the center, move to the stationary animals to the right of the benches, or climb on a horse moving up and down — while we reach for the brass ring.

Obtaining a brass ring involves three components: Fate + Choice + Skill.


You see, the dispenser is filled with lots of plastic rings and only a few brass ones. So, as our horse approaches, we don’t know what the random offering might be — plastic or brass.


As we spin ’round-and-’round, we have a choice. Some people simply ride the horse, because they’re not wanting to work at obtaining a brass ring. And, some people are scared sh#tless, doing their best just to hang on. “To each their own,” I say.


Finally, our eye-to-hand coordination is tested. Remember, we’re being spun around in a big circle, going up-and-down. And to reach that dispenser requires holding on to the pole with our left hand, as we lean out from our horse and far to the right to grab that darn ring.

Angular Velocity

Those individuals (for whatever reason) who choose to stand near the center of the carousel, tend to get dizzy (with the potential to tip over). Because, the angular velocity is greatest within a small radius.

Linear Speed

Those individuals (brave hardy souls that they are) who mount up at the outer edges of the carousel, will experience the thrill of speed and motion. Because, the linear speed is greatest at the margin of the radius.

Relationship between Angles and Speed

What do the physics Videos have to do with anything? Answer: Everything.

Speed = Angular Velocity x Radius

In other words and to quote Maverick (Top Gun), “I feel the need — the need for speed.”

There are two ways in Life to achieve that “hair blown back” look.
1.) Increase the torque at the pivot point (center) of who we are.
2.) Increase the radius (outer edge) of our sphere of influence.

To simplify all the concepts even further, this is the Secret:

Purpose must be clearly defined, firmly anchored in our Thoughts, and fueled by a passionate desire to Serve, as we stretch the Boundaries of who we are.

Stretching Boundaries

Life is best experienced on a spectrum. So, think of a sphere. Then, imagine the axis lines holding it symmetrical from the inside, out.

Like the four points of a compass — as far as the East is from the West — opposite ends of the axis lines are required for balance.

Growth occurs when we push the artificial limit of where the internal axis lines end — which, are at the edge of who we currently are. As we stretch the boundaries, the result is a greater sphere of influence for the benefit of many.

These spectra of life stretch to infinity — if we have the courage to let our minds become open to the vastness of the universe and the unlimited potential of each individual.


Pardon the pun — but if you invested time to watch the Videos and absorb the Thoughts presented, you were struck by an observation about Time. Regardless of the combination of angle, radius, and associated speed, the effect on carousel participants all happens in the same amount of Time.

Each of us wake up to the same sunrise. (well, actually, it’s an earth turn). We’re given the same 24 hour period in each day. We’ll experience the same rotation of the Earth and, in the course of a year, trip around the Sun.

The question (begging an answer from each of us, individually) is, “What will (me, myself, and) I do with that time?”

In Real Life

As the Carousel ride ends, we climb off the horse and engage IRL (In Real Life), once again. Within an hour, there will be an “event” (in some form) which will have me questioning God’s judgment in creating people.

I’ll be tempted to give, what appears to be a galactically “stupid” person, the Bill Engvall treatment, “Here’s your sign!”

Yet, if I take a deep breath and look for just one kernel of goodness (concept from Seeds of Opportunity) to put in the bin, I can change my attitude by 180 degrees. Frustration morphs into Fascination, as I examine the situation for a Story to share with YOU.

I remember the concept and call to action by using the acronym So-O, (for Seeds of Opportunity) or, IRL “So-o… that was ugly! Where’s the goodness?!” And, from that one phrase reminder, I move from Frustration to Fascination.

As we continue our Journeys through time and space, I hope YOU find goodness in each day and thoroughly enjoy the carousel ride!

Author: Kim Foard

My mission is to guide YOU to personal and business success, according to the vision that YOU establish for us. Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.