Choose One

Choose One

Think of the most important decision you’ve ever made. Maybe, it was the decision to get married. Maybe, it was that mutual decision to have children. Maybe, it was a flying leap of faith to start your own business.

You chose this and forsook that — all other possibilities.

I don’t know of any individual who believes they can be partly married. How about a little bit pregnant? Or, an Employer providing a paycheck to someone who is no longer an Employee — but is now an Independent Contractor?

Those scenarios are laughable – aren’t they?

Oh, I’m having way too much fun with this. Imagine the skydiver who at 10,000 feet wants the thrill of jumping and the comfort of the cabin. Nope, doesn’t compute. They are either in a perfectly good airplane or out of it hurtling toward earth.

Speaking of which, as they hurtle toward earth, they now have another choice of two options: 1) blunt-force trauma, or 2) tip-toe touchdown.

Simplicity of Zero and One

The reason computers work is that there are only two choices for any decision: 1) Yes: the flow of information goes this way, or 2) No: the flow of information goes that way — to another fork in the flowchart decision tree.

Studies have proven we are happier and more confident in our choices when the number of options are smaller. When confronted with too many items from which to choose, our decisions take longer with less satisfying results.

The natural state of affairs is, “We want what we don’t have.”

How do we go from the many, to the few, and then ONE?

Begin with YOU

The complexity of this challenge can be simplified into three words.


Why are you thinking about doing something? Does it complement your purpose in life? Will it provide happiness and joy? (People)

How will you accomplish your goal? Are you able to make the sacrifices necessary to let go of the old habits and develop new ways? (Process)

What will be the benefit to you and others in your sphere of influence? Is this legacy adequate for your mark on the world? (Results)

Periods and Exclamations

My hope is that you answered every question with a period or exclamation mark at the end of each response. For some crazy reason, that’s a challenge for many individuals. Their timid souls answer with a question mark.

As a result, they have fallen into the illegitimate “third” choice. By not choosing they allow the hand of Fate to have its way with them. Indecision leads to dysfunction, dismay, discouragement, despair, and depression.

With all of those D’s affecting their psyche, can an F be far behind? How sad. Because, there is a better way. Pardon the pun, but the answer is to, simply, let their “Yes be YES” and their “No be NO.”

Boldly share your beliefs with anyone who asks. Then, welcome their feedback. Odds are good they have a different belief. By listening to their bold statements, you can anchor more firmly to what you believe or, maybe, you will find a modification is justified because of this new information.

It is impossible to steer a parked car.

Lead, follow, or get the heck out of the way — but, Do something. Anything! Because actions will result in the progress of achievement from successes or lessons of growth from mistakes. Either way, we’re on our way.

Excuses and Explanations

Those who can find a way and those who can’t make excuses. Do you see the structure of the difference in worldviews? One focuses on a way (singular) and the other on excuses (plural). I rest my case.

Since we all have “Bears to Cross,” we don’t even want to hear explanations about the lack of focus and achievement. All we want to hear is, “Yes, it’s done.” or “No, it’s a work in progress.” Then, we can make our choices.

Do you believe in the power of One?

Power of One

Ancient scholars gave instruction that we cannot serve two masters. We will love one and hate the other. The one who hung one sun and one moon in the sky of our unique earth is known simply as “I AM.

As conduits of goodness, acknowledging that higher power enlightens us to boldly proclaim, “I’m the leader of one and boss of me.” We have learned to build something special with a 2 x 10, “If It Is To Be, It Is Up To Me.”

Popeye I Am What I Am

In the course of our journey, we will discover one more as the difference between failure and success. Our greatest success comes when we commit to a singular focus — able and willing to give our all for that one choice.

If the principle of “I AM” is good enough for God and Popeye, surely it can motivate us to answer the question of, “Who am I?” And, then, share that in word and deed. I know, “Easier said than done.” The secret to action is below.


Until one is committed
There is hesitancy, the chance to draw back,
Always ineffectiveness.

Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation),
There is one elementary truth,
The ignorance of which kills countless ideas
And, splendid plans:

That the moment one definitely commits oneself,
Then Providence moves too.
All sorts of things occur to help one
That would never otherwise have occurred.
A whole stream of events issues from the decision
Raising in one’s favor all manner
Of unforeseen incidents and meetings
And material assistance,
Which no person could have dreamt
Would have come their way.

W. H. Murray, The Scottish Himalayan Expedition

I have learned a deep respect for one of Goethe’s couplets:

Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.

Author: Kim Foard

My mission is to guide YOU to personal and business success, according to the vision that YOU establish for us. Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.