Want To

Want To

To succeed at anything, we must want to. Not any old ordinary want to will do. The want to that I’m talking about is an all persuasive, gut churning, bone chilling, teeth gritting, and heart aching passionate desire to achieve.

Good, I lost the snowflakes among us. They quit reading half way through the first paragraph. What keeps you here with me? Do you want to know the first step on the road to Success?

Begin building something of value and the predators will begin to circle. A whole pack of your enemies will be first to the scene — and not far behind them will be wolves in sheep’s clothing. Many you counted as friends will show their true color — green, with envy and jealousy.

Are you ready to be hated for achieving that of which most only fantasize? Are you sure you can continue forward against the resistance that is guaranteed to come against you? Are you absolutely determined to accomplish what others say can’t be done?

Let’s take a look at the “Why, How, and What” of our Journey to Success.


Generally, when we see MMA, we think of Mixed Martial Arts, which does come to play in achieving Success. After we examine the war dimension of MMA, we’ll also consider the art form of My Main Aim.

The first battle will be with yourself. Take a good, long look at each of your shoulders. On the left is a red, horned, pointy-tailed little Devil and on the right is a white, glistening, fully-winged little Angel.

The little Devil is a naysayer and a fault finder. He will shout reminders of your insecurities, mistakes, and weaknesses. Yet, you have a source of goodness readily available in the whispered words from your little Angel. She will encourage you to be courageous, bold, and determined — to just Do It.

Now, we need to focus on the positive aspect of MMA, because it is also the acronym for My Main Aim. In other words: A Goal. What is yours? What is the one accomplishment you want most of all? What do YOU want to do?

Begin With The End In Mind

A Business Coach with A Plan for Success in Building Your Dynamic Future

Unless you have chosen your MMA (My Main Aim) and the influence to which you will listen (Angel or Devil), you can stop reading, too. Because, the thoughts to follow in the narrative below will be meaningless to you.

All we do begins with a thought. Whatever you’re thinking right now is probably a familiar track of a tune you’ve sung before. Does it lift your spirits or is it just another verse to the same old chorus of chaos?

To build anything of value, we must build it on “paper” first. In other words, whatever we see in our mind’s eye, we create a blueprint (plan) to take us from where we are to where we want to be.

Only, if you have established your MMA (Why) and have drawn your Blueprint (How) will you be able to escape the crab bucket.

Members of a group will attempt to reduce the beliefs of any one who achieves success beyond the others — out of envy, resentment, spite, conspiracy, or competitive feelings — to halt their progress.

Here’s the secret: YOU must be ruthless in taking out the trash — first from your mind and then from your life. Take an objective view of your friends.

Are their words encouraging or discouraging? Do their actions support or disrupt? Is their worldview based on an old-fashioned Code of Ethics or is it the self-absorbed “if it feels good do it” manta of the narcissist?

Within Our Control

My Responsibility
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Since we cannot change the character of our friends and it is not our responsibility to do so, let’s focus our attention on what we can control: our Attitude — or The Want To.

The attributes of a feeling are impossible to describe with logic. However, the list below are words, which will trigger thoughts and emotions for you. As you read the list, capture your (fleeting) thoughts quickly in writing.

Each of these concepts will mean something different for each of us. After capturing the thought in writing, go back and put muscle on the bone. As much as possible, use words to describe the emotion of that phrase for YOU.

Yes, it’s a “Humor Kim Moment.” Just do it — because this will be your shelter in the storms to come. There will be days of blue skies and sunshine. And, there will be times of wondering if you’ll live through the experience.

I can promise: YOU will thrive more than survive, if you prepare — now. You’ve chosen a target (Why) and prepared a plan (How). Now, it’s time to fix your thoughts on the steps to get there (What) — Cornerstones.


Want To

Brick-by-brick and Step-by-step is how we build a legacy to serve those in our sphere of influence. The effort invested into this endeavor by each of us will determine the rewards to be received.

My hope is that YOU will choose to go All In.

It’s your future, and YOU can Build Something — Special.

Author: Kim Foard

My mission is to guide YOU to personal and business success, according to the vision that YOU establish for us. Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.