80/20 Crutch Communicates Lack of Commitment

80-20 Crutch

Excuse to Hobble

80/20 Crutch Excuse To Hobble

When you hear someone quote the 80/20 Rule, brace yourself. Because you’re about to hear an excuse for their inattention to detail.

Sometimes I’m a Slow Study when it comes to catching on to someone’s shenanigans. Maybe it’s because I look for the best in a person and want to believe what they say.

Recently, it took two months to realize a Coach was a Hoax. Everything he said sounded really good. Eventually though his actions spoke louder than his words.

So, I had a choice to make: 1.) continue to overlook the lies, deceit, and lack of attention to detail, including me and his other Scholars, or 2.) do the next right thing.

All or Nothing

My dad (James Burnett Foard) was named after a fellow (Jim Burnett), who lived by this creed, “I am bound to live up to the light I have. I must stand with anyone who stands right, stand with him while he is right, and part with him when he goes wrong.”

Evidently, my Grandfather knew what he was doing, because my Dad lived by the same creed and fulfilled its intent 100%. There was no 80/20 with my Dad or anything to which he set his hand. With him, it was All or Nothing.

Can You Imagine?

Think of the most important decision you’ve ever made. Maybe it was the decision to get married. Maybe it was that mutual decision to have children. Maybe it was a flying leap of faith to start your own business.

Can you imagine applying the 80/20 Rule to those events?!

I don’t know of any individual who believes they can be partly married. How about a little bit pregnant? Or an Employer providing a paycheck to someone who is no longer an Employee, but is now an Independent Contractor?

Those scenarios are laughable! Aren’t they?!

Oh, I’m having way too much fun with this. Imagine the skydiver who at 10,000 feet wants to apply the 80/20 Rule to their situation. Nope, doesn’t compute. They are either in a perfectly good airplane or out of it hurtling toward the earth.

In Summary

For those lacking the moral fortitude to apply the concept of Commitment to their lives, they will forever live in mediocrity.

As for you and me, we’re going to give our all.

Author: Kim Foard

My mission is to guide YOU to personal and business success, according to the vision that YOU establish for us. Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.