Building Your Dynamic Future

A Business Coach with a Plan for Success in Building Your Dynamic Future

If you come from humble beginnings and want more, there is hope. Start with nothing and build something special — for YOU and your Family.

All we do begins with a thought. Deep down in the passion of your soul, you know the answer — because YOU have an idea which is unique and of great value.

Although possible for you to whack your way through the thickets of adversity to build something special, the better and quicker way to the future that YOU envision is by accepting the guidance of A Business Coach.

Why reinvent the wheel, when you can be cruising the highways of success? This is your opportunity to begin a journey to heaven on earth. Remember, courage is a three-letter word, “Yes!”

The ABC’s of Success

•  Attitude
•  Boundaries
•  Commitment

Success does not magically waltz into our lives. It is not a destination at which to arrive. Although a metric of progress, money is not the answer. Daily, we must create success — the unique version each of us has determined to be right — for the benefit of ourselves and those we serve.

Reverse ABC’s: Whatever the mind can Conceive and Believe, it can Achieve.

Three-E Formula

My energy and efforts are focused on your success. If you are ready for a change, I can help — by gently teasing YOU into considering the benefit of Three E’s.

Enlighten ~ Individually, our worldview is limited by our education, experiences, and resources. My role as A Business Coach is to broaden your horizons with Stories that shine a light on the path you have chosen. So, you can act on your new aspirations.

Empower ~ Beyond the sage talk, I will provide opportunities for you to learn by accomplishment. Teaching is an honorable profession. I will make sure the right tools are in your hands. You will be given the knowledge, understanding, and wisdom to use them properly.

Encourage ~ The 5-Step Teaching Model can be described as Explanation, Demonstration, Imitation, Correction, and Repetition. With every step toward success, you will be tempted to quit. Until you run me out of your Life, I will continue to ask that you believe in YOU — the I AM.


After 35+ years as a CPA, there are many financial principles and secrets I want to share with YOU.

If you’re an Entrepreneur starting a business, my methods will guarantee your success from day one. If you’ve been in business for several years and seek greater degrees of success, I will listen, observe, and guide you to the goals important to YOU — and, your Family.

I believe in the wisdom, “Customers only care about how much you know after they know how much you care.” The purpose of this website is to express a high degree of caring — by sharing the very best with you.

You’ve discovered A Business Coach — an Entrepreneur who passionately cares about YOU.