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Right Tools

Intuit Small Business promotes their products with a phrase of "Start, Run & Grow". That first step is the most difficult. With confidence, we pick up the pace. Eventually, we yearn to learn and reach to teach.

QuickBooks has become the favorite choice of the entrepreneur. Online and Desktop editions of Pro, Premier, and Enterprise Solutions provide a variety of tools from which to choose.

As important as the right tools, are the right people to use them. By trial and error, we can all learn basic skills. The progression to higher levels of proficiency is accelerated by studying with The Masters.

When in a relationship with one of these — a CPA and QuickBooks Advanced Certified ProAdvisor — the roles of teacher and student soon give way to mutual growth in development and greater degrees of understanding.

The Right People - QuickBooks Pro Advisor Kim Foard, CPA QuickBooks Advanced Certified ProAdvisor - Kim Foard, CPA - The Right People

Right People

Right Tools and Right People will build the Right Future

ProAdvisor Rating & Reviews

Kim was very professional and patient in setting up our program.


Mr. Foard's calm, patient demeanor makes asking any question easy. His prompt return communication is also greatly appreciated. In short, Mr. Foard not only speaks of excellence, he delivers it.


Kim has always been an early adaptor and often innovator of IT applications for accounting. He has a remarkably in-depth knowledge of QuickBooks software. Perhaps most valuable to us is Kim's ability to explain and teach complex accounting process and the functions of QuickBooks. He is a patient cheerful instructor who never tires of helping clients get more from their accounting systems.


Kim is always available by email or phone for those of us with lots of questions. He listens whole-heartedly to your goals, family situation, and business needs. Kim's unique ability to simplify the most complex parts of QuickBooks got us off and running even faster than I could have imagined!


Kim shows a unique caring and concern for those he works with, not only for their financials and businesses, but also for their personal goals and well-being. Kim is very patient and kind and never concludes a session without asking if there are questions or anything further that he can help with or explain.


Kim's winning attitude and the ability to help others achieve financial success is infectious. Kim is a top-notch professional that makes you feel at ease. He's an investment that keeps paying dividends.


Kim is the "wizard" of QuickBooks. His knowledge of the accounting field is beyond "wizardry".


Kim is a good teacher as well as a good person. I have learned much about managing the financial end of our business through QuickBooks with Kim's patient and persistent guidance. He combines professionalism with true excitement in watching a business grow. This positive attitude is infectious.


Kim is very knowledgeable, helpful and supportive. Whenever I call with questions, he either answers them immediately or sets up an appointment for remote support. He is a very patient teacher and has taken us from being computer illiterate clients to feeling much more confident in our daily work and working online with him.


Kim is always on top of things when it comes to technology. He takes accounting extremely serious and loves what he does and it truly shows in the quality of the work he provides for his clients.


Kim is always available for any question or online help that I might need. His expertise is outstanding; there has never been a question he could not answer.


He always makes you feel very confident with yourself and your job and compliments on how well you are doing.


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