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Principles of Success

5 Minute Business Plan from Kim Foard, CPA

5 Minute Business Plan

A seasoned carpenter shared his secret to success, “You must begin — and, begin, again.”

For the dreamers among us, the question is, “Where do I begin?”

The purpose of this resource is to provide the parameters for a quick analysis of an idea, to determine its possibility and probability of actionable success.

Build Something Special from Kim Foard, CPA

Build Something Special

A bright financial future is waiting, if you will accept this encouragement to Build Something Special (B.S.S.).

Let's begin with that extra “S” — the Special one.
Yes — that is YOU. You are one-of-a-kind, broke-the-mold, and a special creation with a unique set of gifts.

Price We Pay - from Kim Foard, CPA

Price We Pay

By eliminating variables, we arrive at one thing certain.

This is a story of three entrepreneurs — Eric the electrician, George the geek, and Lorna the landlord.

How can it be, that they all have the same big sister, Iris, who requires their support?

The Magic Formula - by Kim Foard, CPA

The Magic Formula

Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.

The simplicity of The Magic Formula is not taught in colleges and universities. For that very reason, it is magical.

By understanding and applying the key concepts inherent within one 8 1/2" x 11" piece of paper and by using 4th Grade math, you can be the Master Architect of your very own — Bright Financial Future.

Discount on QuickBooks Forms - from Kim Foard, CPA

Discount on QuickBooks Forms

Save 20% on all Intuit Forms.

These forms — from Checks to Deposit Slips and the Window Envelopes to fit them — will empower you to save the most precious of all resources: Time.

Begin Again - by Kim Foard, CPA Billings MT

Begin Again

June 21st of Twenty Ten.

That morning, the moving truck was a little late, because of the history making Father's Day Tornado. Better late than never, the view is better from the top!

Building Dynamic Relationships - SageTalk by Kim Foard, CPA


This story is one of western adventure and philosophical musings.

In fact, it is my story.

It begins on the sagebrush prairies of eastern Montana …


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